Intelligent systems for maximum efficiency

Hänel ESB


Hänel EcoMode®

High-Speed Generation

Highest availability through redundancy

with the Hänel ESB-systems

The intelligent safety package for enhanced availability of the Hänel lifts

Hänel storage systems work reliably and failure-free. Should a malfunction arise, however, the Hänel redundancy systems kick in.

Lean-Lifts® can be fitted with a second safety circuit, for example. This means that if the safety light barriers in the retrieval opening fail, it is still possible to continue operating the Lean-Lift® with the sliding door closed. The Hänel Lean-Lift® can also have the Hänel ESB (Expanded Safety Bypass) package integrated.

By activating the ESB system directly at the microprocessor controller, the user can continue to operate the Hänel Lean-Lift® in defined cases despite a malfunction. These two redundancy systems consist of seven integrated safety circuits.

In the following cases the Hänel Lean-Lift® can continue to be operated safely and reliably until the Hänel service technician arrives.


Hänel EcoDrive®

CO2 reductions thanks to efficient energy recovery


Depending on the travel rate, up to 40 % of the energy fed in previously for the upward run can be returned to the supply network!

The new Hänel EcoDrive helps to save energy and consequently to reduce costs.

A new kind of frequency converter uses the energy of the descending extractor and converts it back into electrical energy.

This is then fed back into the supply system and can be used elsewhere, for example on other Lean-Lifts® in a network.


>> More information about the Hänel EcoConcept is available here <<


Hänel EcoMode®

Intelligent energy management

With the Hänel EcoMode®, a vertical carousel that remains at standstill for long periods without being operated can be switched automatically to different levels of standby mode at freely configurable time intervals.

All systems that consume energy even when at standstill are closed down by the control system in 4 EcoMode® levels (energy-saving levels). The time intervals can be programmed as required and therefore adapted precisely to individual needs. This reduces the energy intake of the Hänel storage systems to a minimum when they are not being used. Down to EcoMode® level 3, the carousel returns to full operational readiness in a very short time once the controller is actuated.
The last EcoMode® level switches the carousel off at the main switch.

Our specialists will continue to work on the Hänel EcoConcept and develop further energy-efficient solutions for the Hänel storage systems.

For the sake of the environment!

>> More information about the Hänel EcoConcept is available here <<​​​​​​​

Hänel Lean-Lift®

High-Speed Generation

A basic component for efficiency-enhancing is the high-performance drive technology of the Hänel Lean-Lift® generation high-speed

The basic prerequisites for high order-picking performance are high travel speeds by the extractor and consequently short access times for retrieving the stored goods. 

Hänel’s Lean-Lifts® generation high-speed offer optimal conditions for this! 

Lifts with container payloads up to 500 kg achieve the following speeds of travel: 

Vertical speed:
with empty extractor 2,3m/s
with loaded extractor 1,0m/s

Horizontal speed:
jolt-free 0,5m/s

Compartment indicator

Digital picking display

Augmented Reality

Digital compartment indicator

The compartment indicator ensures error-free access and quick storage and retrieval

The LED display can be positioned above or below the access point as required. The compartment and sub-level indicators ensure the right article is accessed.

The compartment and sub-level are displayed on the LED strip as either one or two digits.

Digital picking display

With its new digital picking display, Hänel offers yet another system feature for finding stored articles quickly and easily. The digital picking display shows where the requested article is currently positioned and also provides additional information about the item itself and the storage location in direct proximity to it.

Input can be entered in the digital picking display via the touchscreen. Retrieval is confirmed directly on the location display. This is particularly useful on very wide storage systems as it eliminates long walking distances and saves time. All Hänel systems can be equipped with the digital picking display.


Hänel Pick-o-Light® system

A new form to define storage locations!

One component of Hänel’s high-speed-picking concept is the Hänel Pick-o-Light® system for quickly finding the required articles
An LED array is integrated into the panel above the access opening of the lift. A colored LED directs a beam of light onto the requested article so that it is identified unmistakably and unequivocally. 

This ensures maximum efficiency and reliable selection during order picking.

Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario for variable container divisions:

Alternatively, if container divisions are variable, items can be identified via a free-moving Vario unit with 4 integrated LEDs.

Augmented Reality

High-tech picking via wireless augmented reality and pick-by-voice for Hänel industrial systems

Order picking with the Hänel Lean-Lift® and augmented reality devices (known as optical headmounted displays) is being demanded by more and more customers. In response Hänel offers Lean-Lift® systems that can be operated exclusively with AR optical devices – no other input is required.

Data input and item selection is accomplished through voice commands in conjunction with the optical AR device. All data and information of relevance to the item, including a photograph of the item, are visible on the AR display worn by the system operator. Users can thus focus their full attention on the picking process without having to handle lists or paper notes.

Once an item is requested via voice command, the storage system automatically brings the item to the access point for retrieval, and the item position is highlighted by Hänel Pick-o-Light®. This minimizes the risk of human picking errors.

Hänel storage systems and AR optical devices can be linked to various ERP systems thanks to the SOAP interface.


Hänel VendiShelf®

Hänel Pre-Store-Buffering®

Visual Operation

Powerful Features

Hänel VendiShelf®

Access control and user authorization safeguard tool inventories

The Hänel VendiShelf® system allows small to medium-sized tools to be stored on the multifunction container in compartments featuring automatic lock mechanisms. Only the requested tool can be removed; all the other compartments remain locked. An LED identifies the compartment in which the required tool is stored. Various compartment sizes and heights are available to ensure maximum flexibility. Authorized access is possible using barcode scanners, transponders or access codes.

VendiShelf® – the ideal solution for valuable tools!

Hänel Pre-Store-Buffering®

Time saved by automatic buffering

Usually the articles in a pick list are located on different storage containers. With Hänel’s Pre- Store-Buffering®, the time needed to access consecutive containers is considerably reduced.

While the operator takes the required articles from container ① in the access point, the extractor is already bringing container ② to a storage location directly behind the access point (this location can be pre-defined as required).

Maximum security of the storage articles, no limitation to the height of the storage goods, and optimal ergonomics – another stroke of innovative genius from Hänel!


Visual Operation

The new system operation concept from Hänel – the MP 14 N controller

Hänel PictureControl, HänelSoft® and the new MP 14 N controller for innovative visual system operation!

You always see what you have on inventory thanks to Hänel PictureControl. A camera integrated in the storage system photographs all transactions. In addition to inventory data, HänelSoft® Picture also manages the container photos.

A specified number of pictures per container is archived so that inventory changes on the container can be tracked and allocated to specific users. The MP 14 N is perfect for displaying item pictures at the control terminal.

The 12-inch touch screen of the high-performance MP 14 N controller sets standards for ease of use. Both item and container images are displayed in optimized high-resolution and in great detail.

Based on this photographic information, items on each container can be identified directly on the control unit and automatically brought to the access point. The container photo also shows the system operator where each item should be “put or picked.”

This innovative concept helps optimize warehouse operations and dramatically boost efficiency!

Powerful Features

Intelligent options for boosting efficiency

Customized configurations for demanding applications!

Hänel offers a wide range of options for building customized storage solutions to satisfy unique customer requirements. The Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario uses a movable LED unit at the top of the access point which shines a beam of light on specific items awaiting retrieval.

This light helps order pickers identify the requested articles and thus speeds up the retrieval process. The Hänel MP 12 N controller can be used for a stand-alone Hänel solution because of its integrated management software, or it can be easily integrated in network configurations thanks to its four modes of operation.

The high-speed version of the Hänel Lean-Lift® also boosts efficiency even more thanks to the extremely fast extractor and container speeds achieved by the system.  

And with Hänel EcoDrive® up to 40 % of the energy needed for the upward run can be returned to the power supply network depending on the traversing rate of the descending extractor.  

Our specialists will be glad to work out the details of a solution with special features that precisely address your needs!

Fire protection


Storage down to –80°C in cold boxes

Fire protection

When it comes to fire protection, Hänel solutions meet or exceed virtually all safety standards. Hänel storage systems can even be equipped with fire-resistant enclosure panels. Sprinkler systems and other types of fire extinguishers can also be integrated.



Optimum solutions for storage in temperature-controlled and dry-air environments

With its automated DryStore® and ClimateStore® systems, Hänel offers futureoriented solutions that are suitable for all air-controlled environments. The systems are flexible and can be free-standing or installed so that they dock into existing rooms. On the foto is a Hänel ClimateStore® Lean-Lift®, networked with other Lean-Lifts®. It is used to stock temperature-sensitive medicines at a constant 5 degrees Celsius. The efficacy of the climate chamber is ensured by an automatically closing door and the Hänel high-speed door.


Storage down to –80°C in cold boxes

Hänel offers another option for storage at extremely low temperatures, down to –80°C. For this purpose, Hänel storage containers with the electrification function are used. These enable cold boxes to be put into storage and supplied with power while in the lift, ensuring constant cooling of the stored items.