The new e-commerce landing page is online!

The new landing page for efficient e-commerce storage is now online

Flexibility, efficiency, safety and security – these are the requirements that modern e-commerce storage solutions must satisfy!

In recent years the e-commerce sector has grown dramatically. Currently a major share of annual household consumer spending has taken place in the online marketplace.

E-commerce has become mainstream and a part of our daily shopping experience because it promises reliable, safe and secure delivery of goods to consumers.

The e-commerce industry is constantly growing and shaping mercantile life

Growth in this sector has stabilized at a very high level since the beginning of the pandemic, proving that advantages such as immense product offerings and more customer service are factors that will shape the future of commerce in general. Internet and mail-order shops are thus facing new challenges because customers expect deliveries that arrive within ever shorter time schedules or at predefined dates and times.

Requirements which e-commerce warehousing must fulfill

Above all, e-commerce warehousing must be efficient logistically. This means, for example, that the time between receipt and delivery of an order must be reduced to a minimum. This can be achieved through precise coordination of all interrelated processes.

Automated storage solutions integrated as strategic elements of the supply chain can boost efficiency and productivity considerably. These solutions support the ideal coordination and synchronization of fulfillment as well as e-fulfillment.

Innovative storage solutions are essential for business enterprises striving to achieve success in e-commerce due to rapid growth, shorter product life cycles and higher customer expectations and demands.

High-tech intralogistics solutions for digital commerce

Innovative e-commerce storage solutions help businesses narrow the gap between reducing costs and focusing on the customer as they strive to be better than the competition.

To this end Hänel automated storage systems can be networked to form smart logistics solutions that fulfill even the most demanding and individual requirements in the e-commerce sector.

Our specialists have successfully realized many intralogistics solutions for businesses in the e-commerce sector. The high flexibility and performance of these particular storage solutions have contributed considerably to the success of these enterprises.

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Sander Vunderink Elektromaterialen BV
Hengelo, Netherlands

Sander Vunderink Elektromaterialien successfully operates an online shop in the Netherlands which offers a wide assortment of electrical items for fuse boxes, cables, switch systems, and much more. At the heart of the shipping center in Hengelo are four Hänel Rotomat® systems.

The shortest delivery times thanks to direct connectivity with the Magento e-commerce system

The Sander Vunderink webshop guarantees that all orders placed before 5:00 p.m. will be filled and delivered the next day. In order to keep this promise, the Hänel Rotomat® storage systems are directly linked to the webshop. The direct integration of the Hänel automated miniload solution in the e-commerce environment minimizes the time between receipt of orders and the shipping of goods to customers. The perfect webshop integration and high picking performance make the Hänel Rotomat® the optimal automated provisioning system for e-commerce applications.

Logistics and fulfillment as success factors: four Hänel Rotomat® systems with direct link to the webshop.

BJ Logistics
Sillingy, France 

BJ Logistics, with main offices in Annecy, France, provides its customers with visionary e-commerce and shipping solutions. The company stores 5,000 different items in four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems. The complete solution provides height-optimized and protected storage for an inventory of more than 100,000 articles.

Easy and fast integration in the IT network

Integrated warehouse management software connects the Hänel MP 12 N controller to the Siena ERP system used at BJ Logistics. All data regarding inventory levels and item storage locations resides in the host system. During the restocking process, the containers in all three Lean-Lift® systems are simultaneously prepositioned at the access points. Inventory data in the ERP system is immediately updated when employees confirm the completion of the restocking process.

Parallel picking on several floors

The access points on the upper floors of the warehouse are used to replenish the systems with new inventory items. One employee can systematically restock a system with up to 500 items each day. While replenishment is taking place, employees on the ground floor can still pick items needed to fill orders.

Périgueux, France 

Cultura was founded in 1998 and now has more than 80 retail shops located throughout France. A Hänel Rotomat® system was integrated in the point-of-sale area of the shop in the city of Perigueux.

No waiting at the checkout counter

The Click & Collect Service on Cultura’s homepage allows customers to order various kinds of media online and then pick up their items locally at the store. These pick-up orders are stored in the Hänel Rotomat®. Customers must identify themselves and then give the cashier their online order slip so that the packaged items can be retrieved from the Rotomat®. Thanks to this solution, store employees can take care of daily business as well as the increasing numbers of online orders efficiently and without having to walk long distances. Ease of use and outstanding ergonomics are among the hallmarks of this Hänel Rotomat® solution. Direct access by cashiers at the point of sale saves a lot of time as well.

Thanks to the Hänel Rotomat®, Cultura has been able to save space in the shop and in the warehouse – and this has resulted in lower costs!