The top controller for Hänel storage systems

The MP12N-StandAlone – the compact controller for Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space®

This is the compact controller for Hänel storage systems with comprehensive, integrated storage management for article numbers, storage locations, stock quantities, minimum inventory and other supplementary data fields.
Pick list and order management is already included. A range of storage management packages (article, tool and file management) are available and can be operated easily via touchscreen.
It has a USB interface and two serial RS 232 interfaces for barcode scanner, badge reader and other peripheral devices. The integrated Ethernet interface allows trouble-free connection to host systems.
The Access Priority Function ensures that frequently used containers are stored closer to the access point. This makes access to stored articles even faster.
The optimization run eliminates any unused space in the lift arising from inventory movements by resorting the trays automatically.
Data is stored on compact flash cards. Together with the intelligent backup functionality, this ensures that no data is lost even if there is a power outage or the storage system is switched off.
The memory contents are always up-to-date. The many configuration options give the customer a tailored range of functions.
Thanks to the Ethernet interface, the Hänel controllers can be easily integrated into the customer’s corporate network. This allows data to be exchanged with any ERP system, and a network printer to be set up for list printouts, for example.
The integrated web server also enables storage data to be retrieved via a PC browser connected to the same local area network as the Hänel storage units.

The MP12N-StandAlone 
Maximum functionality and user-friendliness

The pluses

  • The Unicode standard creates the basis for displaying the user interface in virtually any language.
  • Integrated FTP client, CIFS client, SOAP server for data communication.
  • Graphical shelf view via information button.
  • The integrated web server also enables current storage data to be retrieved via the intranet/internet.
  • Ethernet interface is standard.
  • The storage management package is already included.