Add-on modules for the integrated storage management packages of the MP controllers

For optimal storage functionality tailored to customer requirements, there are many supplementary modules available

MP supplementary module 01
Management of external shelves
Complete trays with the articles on them can be removed from the Lean-Lift® and, say, conveyed to the production department by transport cart. The relevant storage data remain stored in the lift. Once the tray has been returned to storage, the stored or retrieved articles are booked at the lift.
MP supplementary module 03
Item pool management
Item pool data are independent of storage location and contain information that describes the article, e.g. article number, name and/or additional fields defined by the customer. Item pool data can be transferred via the interface during operation and updated at any time.
MP supplementary module 05
Management of storage time
Retrieval is only possible after a defined period of time has elapsed. Application example: An item must remain in temporary storage until it has cooled or hardened, say, before it can be sent to production. A maximum storage time starts when the item is placed in storage. Retrieval is on a FIFO basis. Expired articles are removed with specific retrieval functions.
MP supplementary module 07
Barcode cross-check
When an article is stored or retrieved, the user is prompted to enter the article number via barcode as a check. This ensures the operator has deposited or withdrawn the right article.
Supplementary module camera
Integrated camera
A camera integrated in the Lean-Lift® takes a photo of the tray each time a transaction is carried out (MP12N only). A fixed number of pictures is archived per tray so that inventory changes on the tray can be tracked. With the photographic information, an article on a tray can be identified directly from the control unit and brought to the access point.
MP supplementary module 21
Inventory function
The inventory function supports continuous stock taking, i.e. all the storage locations of an article must undergo a physical inventory at least once a year and be recorded for documentation purposes.
MP supplementary module 24
Adjustable container speed
This feature allows sensitive goods to be transported gently. The maximum vertical and horizontal speed of the lift can be adjusted generally and, depending on this, the individual speed of the different containers. If individual settings are chosen, the container speed is also used in the search for an empty storage location for the article.
MP supplementary module 02
Access code management
Different user groups can be defined with the user management function. A user group is granted access rights to certain areas of the store (lift, shelf/tray and on the Rotomat® even to individual storage compartments). Each user is given a user number and password along with allocation to a group and thus the permitted storage areas.
MP supplementary module 04
Management of storage location height
Each shelf/tray can be assigned a relative height. The automatic storage location search suggests a storage location with the requisite height to the user. In the Lean-Lift® especially this ensures optimal space utilization as only parts with the same height are stored on one tray. Trays loaded with items that are too high, depending on the setting, are rejected by the lift.
MP supplementary module 06
Operations journal
For the purpose of collecting operating data, all the storage/retrieval operations, including the quantity, cost center, job number, storage locations, or freely definable data, can be recorded in the operations journal and printed out or sent to the host system.
MP supplementary module 08
Free space management
Articles can be stored in different container types of predefined size. These specified details are assigned to the individual shelves/trays as fixed structures. Empty containers can be added or deleted at any time. The automatic storage location search then suggests an empty container of the requested type.
MP supplementary module 20
Shelf pre-positioning
Parallel and serial shelf pre-positioning boost order picking efficiency. All the lifts in an order picking group are positioned at the same time, or the next lift is brought into position while the list item at the previous lift is being processed.
MP supplementary module 23
Decimal input
Depending on the setting, there can be 0–3 decimal places in the quantity field. The use of decimal places can either be selected for each individual article or be permanently set for all articles.
MP supplementary module 26
Lending management
Lending management is useful for storing articles that are not consumables but are repeatedly returned to the lift. With lending management the identity of the person borrowing the item is requested and logged. The lending overview list shows the items that have been withdrawn, the withdrawal time and the users who have withdrawn them.