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04/19/21 - Topas measurement technology for virus and aerosol research – high demand for expertise

Topas GmbH, Gasanstaltstraße 47, 01237 Dresden

04/19/21 - Higher demands at leading biopharmaceutical services provider

Parexel International GmbH, 14050 Berlin, D

04/19/21 - New dynamics in the market for swimming pools are dramatically boosting equipment sales

CF GROUP France, 38070 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France

08/29/20 - Baumann Automation

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems forms alliance

08/27/20 - New Hänel brochure now available

Intralogistics 4.0 - Digitization and network connectivity with the Hänel storage systems

08/27/20 - Hänel controllers integrate with IT systems

Hänel controllers and their integrated storage management packages can be networked with existing IT systems

08/26/20 - Hänel Wall Calendar 2021 - The entire year at a glance

The new Hänel calendar for 2021 is printed and ready for delivery

07/27/20 - F.A.Z. | Innovation leaders 2020

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems – one of Germany’s innovation leaders again in 2020

01/05/20 - Helmut Fischer GmbH Institute for Electronics and Metrology, 71063 Sindelfingen, Germany

Four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems spanning three floors in conjunction with SAP

07/30/19 - Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems – one of Germany’s innovation leaders

The F.A.Z.-INSTITUT has published a study in Germany which confirms that

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01/14/19 - The Hänel Solution Finder

Even more case studies thanks to special filter functions – find precisely what you are looking for

01/10/19 - Medical Technology Business | FR

Hänel intralogistics solutions have made a major contribution to optimizing warehouse processes and improving efficiency at the customer’s site.

01/07/19 - Cayer Barrioz | Pringy, FR

A Hänel Rotomat® provides space-saving central storage to support the company’s manufacturing processes.

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11/18/18 - Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems forms international alliance with prismat

Our customers and our business enterprises will profit from this alliance

06/05/18 - Smart Picking

Optimized order picking with the Hänel Lean-Lift® and Hänel Rotomat®

06/04/18 - Visual Operation

The new system operation concept from Hänel – the MP 14 N controller

03/12/18 - The Rotomat® as central provisioning system for assembly components and tools

Metallbau Perazzelli AG | Landquart, CH

03/11/18 - Clean and protected storage of medical products in three Hänel Rotomat® systems

Polydentia SA | Tessin, CH

03/09/18 - More production space plus added storage capacity is no problem with the Hänel Rotomat®

Pomtava SA | Reconvilier, CH

11/01/17 - Two heavy-duty Hänel Rotomat® storage systems are increasing the speed of shipping processes.

Hänel Precision Gears | Bad Friedrichshall

10/12/17 - The High-speed Hänel Lean-Lifts® with ESD protection boost order picking efficiency and ergonomics.

Storz Medical AG | Tägerwilen, CH

10/10/17 - Ordered today, delivered tomorrow thanks to Hänel storage systems

Otto Suhner AG | Brugg, CH

10/05/17 - The Hänel Lean-Lift® – a high-tech tool depot for the production of precision components

Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH | Pyrbaum

10/04/17 - Safe, secure and convenient tool storage in the Hänel Lockomat®!

Pfeiffer Metalltechnologie GmbH | Frittlingen

09/28/17 - Efficient Tool Storage - order the new Hänel brochure now!

New Hänel brochure describes intelligent tool storage based on Hänel vertical lift solutions

05/22/17 - Robert Bosch GmbH | Blaichach/Immenstadt

Saving valuable production floor space and the seamless middleware-free SAP integration were key factors that influenced the Bosch Blaichach/Immenstadt decision to adopt the Hänel intralogistics solution!

05/21/17 - Bizerba GmbH | Balingen

Hänel has realized an interface for connecting its system controllers and SAP – without any additional middleware!

05/18/17 - Oetiker Deutschland GmbH | Endingen

Thanks to the integration of the four Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the SAP-based logistics concept, the Oetiker Group transformed the Endingen/Kaiserstuhl site into a central distribution center for all of Europe – with great success!

05/17/17 - Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG | Hamburg

Only Hänel had the expertise required to set up a direct link between our Pallas ERP system and the storage lifts without any need for additional software!

11/29/16 - Industore Ltd. | Cardiff, UK

A reliable partner for more than 20 years. Today the company employs 65 people and has a reputation in Great Britain and Ireland for innovation and expertise in the field of efficient intralogistics.

11/28/16 - 20th Anniversary of Industore | Dedication of the new Demo Centre

To mark the 20th anniversary of the company, Industore opened the doors of its new ultra-modern Hänel Demo Centre in Cardiff, Wales.

11/27/16 - Allaero Limited | Crawley, West Sussex, UK

Compact storage of aircraft parts of various sizes

11/24/16 - Alstom Transport UK | Wembley, London, UK

The installation of Hänel automated storage and provisioning systems have saved valuable time and reduced the amount of costly overtime hours at Alstom Transport UK.

11/23/16 - BMW Benham | Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK

The Hänel Lean-Lift® – the interface between workshop and service centre

11/22/16 - Edrington | Glasgow, Schottland, UK

Tools and whisky – both stored safe and sound in the Hänel Lean-Lift®

11/21/16 - First Choice Catering | Hawks Green, Cannock, UK

First Choice Catering provides spare parts for the catering business and offers the most complete range of products for this market segment in Great Britain.

11/20/16 - Hewlett Packard | Kildare, Irland

The mission of the company is to produce technologies that improve people’s lives. To improve its own operations, Hewlett Packard invested in four Hänel Lean-Lifts® that make life easier for employees.

11/17/16 - Magstim Company Ltd. | Whitland, Carmarthenshire, UK

Three Hänel Lean-Lifts® are installed in a bright and well-organized warehouse, fully integrated in the efficient and precise processes followed by Magstim.

07/13/16 - CeMAT 2016 international trade fair: Hänel presents solutions for the intralogistics of the future!

Here are some of the highlights presented by Hänel at CeMAT 2016.

07/12/16 - World premiere at CeMAT 2016: The new Hänel controller MP 14 N-StandAlone

In a world premiere Hänel launched the new Hänel MP 14 N controller at CeMAT 2016.

07/11/16 - HänelSoft® – Reloaded: The optimal WMS solution for the requirements of tomorrow!

The proven warehouse management software from Hänel combines modern design with even more convenience and functionality.

07/10/16 - HTTP and SOAP protocol: Direct integration of Hänel storage systems in SAP

By integrating the SOAP interface in its controllers, Hänel has succeeded in making the visions of its customers a reality!

07/07/16 - Ready for any challenge: Hänel expertise and innovative controller system

Our control systems are designed to satisfy the most diverse requirements and offer holistic solutions for your intralogistics!

07/06/16 - Smart Integration: Hänel control technology - the team player for your network

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems – among the leaders in storage and IT system integration!

07/05/16 - Hänel EcoConcept: Technology for the future

Energy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse!

07/04/16 - CeMAT special exhibit: Innovative logistics solutions

”Innovative Logistics Solutions” in Hall 27, a number of innovative solutions for complex logistics processes in industrial environments were showcased.

03/07/16 - The Hänel network in the USA

Hänel Storage Systems maintains a broad partner network from coast to coast. These channel partners ensure that Hänel storage systems are installed, operated and maintained according to precise Hänel guidelines.

02/28/16 - Blum Inc. | North Carolina, USA

The Hänel Lean-Lift® was seamlessly integrated in the supply and production chain

02/27/16 - Florida Hospital | Altamonte Springs, USA

Well-organized storage of various medical items in four Hänel Rotomat® systems in the central supply depot

02/25/16 - M & M International | Louisiana, USA

The multifunction containers in the Lean-Lift® can be configured in response to various storage requirements. This ensures compact and well-balanced vertical storage of heavy loads – from floor to ceiling – within an extremely small footprint.

02/24/16 - KLS Martin | Florida, USA

The KLS Martin warehouse and distribution center is fully integrated in SAP thanks to HänelSoft®. Shelf storage still used in the warehouse is also managed via HänelSoft®.

02/23/16 - TAM International | Texas, USA

Compact storage of diverse items thanks to variable container compartments

02/22/16 - Stiles Machinery Inc. | Michigan, USA

Extremely efficient spare parts storage is ensured with a cluster configuration of seven Hänel Lean-Lifts®

10/17/15 - Unilever Deutschland Holding GmbH, Heilbronn, DE

Rotomat® storage systems optimize the storage of ingredients in the mixing laboratory

03/29/15 - SIBO, Veghel, NL

The Hänel storage systems are a perfect match for the guiding principles followed by SIBO: Be reliable, innovative and performance-oriented!

03/28/15 - Paul Meijering Metalen, Zaltbommel, NL

Various storage systems – one software. HänelSoft® manages the Hänel Lean-Lifts® as well as the narrow-aisle storage area.

03/26/15 - Boost your efficiency – New Hänel brochure available soon!

Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – these are the demands that modern-day intralogistics must meet

12/02/14 - Hänel website update: New filter function in the solutions section!

Selection criteria now make finding the right Hänel solution easy

12/01/14 - Rationalization and cost reduction for car dealerships - New brochure available shortly!

Rationalization and cost reduction for car dealerships is a central issue today

11/30/14 - Storage and management of tools for vehicle service and repair

There is no need to search for specific tools in different places. And that saves time for service personnel.

11/29/14 - Cutting costs in the hospital budget - New brochure available shortly!

Hänel Office and Storage Systems – your expert partner for hospital organization!

11/27/14 - Karl-Bruno Hänel - In Memoriam

Kurt Velmeke remembers a loyal and dedicated colleague – excerpt from the eulogy for Karl-Bruno Hänel

05/29/14 - CeMAT 2014 international intralogistics – Hänel innovations impress visitors and industry professionals

CeMAT 2014 is the highlight of the intralogistics industry worldwide, drawing some 53,000 visitors from 65 countries to Hanover this year!

05/28/14 - Hänel presents the Lean-Lift® extra-wide for the first time!

The new extra-wide Lean-Lift® – a giant that exemplifies Hänel quality!

05/27/14 - The successful Hänel warehouse management software with new functions and design

The successful warehouse management software from Hänel combines modern design with even more convenience and functionality

05/26/14 - Hänel controllers as SAP terminals

Direct implementation of the SAP/Hänel storage management template in SAP using HTTP and SOAP protocols

05/25/14 - More trade fair highlights from CeMAT 2014

Hänel storage systems in high-speed versions ... The Hänel Lean-Lift® with VendiShelf-System ... Hänel storage systems for heavy-duty loads ... The Hänel MP 12 N controller …

03/18/14 - Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems meets Blue Competence criteria

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems has been a member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) since 2005

03/15/14 - Hänel Precision Gears Redesigned Internet presence

The Hänel Precision Gears website has also been completed updated and redesigned.

03/14/14 - Hänel Precision Gears

The new image brochure of our sister company Hänel Precision Gears is now available!

12/23/13 - Making-of: The Hänel Christmas Card

A look behind the scenes: See how the Hänel Christmas Card 2013 was created – from the original idea to final production.

11/18/13 - Air Cost Control in Toulouse

Air Cost Control is a global specialist in the distribution of electrical aircraft components.

11/16/13 - New brochure available shortly!

Many offices today, both in the administrative sector and in industry, rely on paperless processing of documents and other records.

11/15/13 - Tailored solutions for disability-friendly workplaces

Hänel storage systems can be adapted to the varied demands of workplaces for people with disabilities

11/14/13 - Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Economics, Labour and Transport

Hänel Rotomat® office carousels provide a workplace for people with severe visual impairment

07/31/13 - Twenty years of successful cooperation between Hänel Storage Systems and Kasys

This year Kasys celebrates its 20th anniversary and hence also 20 years of collaboration with Hänel.

06/30/13 - BStU

The Federal Commissioner’s Office for the records of the State Security Service

06/30/13 - KS Treuhand AG – Fast and flexible access

KS Treuhand AG in Altstätten has an archive that spans multiple floor levels and has challenging weight requirements – the Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage carousel offers the ideal solution

06/30/13 - Banque Cantonale de Fribourg

Banque Cantonale de Fribourg is a customeroriented provider of financial services in the Swiss Canton of Fribourg

06/30/13 - Regional Church Office in Erfurt

The historic old quarter of Erfurt – Thuringia’s capital – is home to the main administrative offices of the regional Evangelical Church...

06/30/13 - Public Transport of Geneva (TPG)

Every day around 471,000 people use the public transport network of Geneva

04/14/13 - Hänel meets Blue Competence criteria

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems has been a member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) since 2005

11/18/12 - Hänel controllers as SAP terminals

Direct implementation of the SAP/Hänel storage management template in SAP using HTTP and SOAP

03/14/09 - Hänel sets benchmarks and is expanding in Wiesentheid

The area assigned to production in Wiesentheid‘s Plant 2 has been expanded by 4,800 m2.

06/15/08 - Hänel Lean-Lift® – Storage down to –80°C

Je nach Anforderung können Kühlboxen unterschiedlicher Größen und Kühlleistungen im Hänel Lean-Lift® gelagert werden